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Calling You Out for Who You Are – Php 1:1

To the saints reading this: Yes, you are a saint. Now probably when you heard this or if I were to introduce you to someone as a saint, you would probably say, “Who me?  Not me.  I’m not saint.”  It’s our reflex action. But how much value is there in calling each other for who we are?  Reminding each other regularly of this special nature that we now have because of Christ. “Saints” It has this heavenly feel of angels, choirs and light.  It has a feel of godliness with righteousness and holiness and perfection. And all of this...

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The demographic that needs you – Deut 27:19; 1 Tim 5:8; Jms 1:27;

It’s surprising how much the Scriptures uphold our responsibility to widows.  Even in the New Testament Paul devotes almost a whole chapter to their care – 1 Tim 5.  God deeply cares for this widow.  He hates to see people alone and unattended to. If you neglect those in need in your family you ‘have denied the faith and are worse than an unbeliever (1 Tim 5:8) Pure religion is to look after widows (and orphans) – Jms 1:27 “Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from … the widow” (Deut 27:19) Read those again.  Those are some pretty strong...

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When God told Israel to Worship Idols – Ezek 20:39-44

I’m reminded of a movie I saw about a man and woman who were working overseas.  This man’s wife fell in love with another man (who was also married) and told her husband she wanted to leave him.  He obliged and told her, “Go and ask this new lover of yours when you can get married.  Then I will let you go, divorce you or whatever you want.” So the wife eagerly runs back to this man and asks when he will get divorced so they can get married.  The man balks saying marriage is not in his mind....

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The Bowlegged Preacher and His Sickly Side-Kick – Php 1:1

It seems like just a simple statement, “Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus.” But what an amazing picture. The Crew Paul was a unique looking man.  History describes him as a man “small in size, bald-headed, bow-legged, well built, with eyebrows that met, rather long-nosed and full of grace” (The Acts of Paul and Thecla, 2nd century AD).  So basically he looked like our conception of a sailor–small, stocky and bow–legged with a uni-brow.  But there was an added component most likely.  Those who faced lashings were often bent over as their back and muscles could no longer...

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Only ONE choice

On a recent road trip on several occasions I saw signs that showed the two split arrows that said, “Heaven or Hell?  Your choice.” I appreciate the zeal but it is not an accurate picture of the truth.  It makes it seem like we are in some neutral ground where we can choose between the two.  As one young man told me, “Why do I have to choose?  I really don’t want either.” The reason this particular graphic is misleading is that it misrepresents the message.  And the message is this:  we are all hell-bound.  We don’t get a...

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