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A Grief Examined

This morning I woke up and checked my Facebook messages.  There’s a young man I don’t know but he has been fighting for his life every day for 2 months.  He didn’t take his medicines and came down with cerebral malaria, hepatitis and more on his preaching journey in Uganda.  Every day he has almost died.  He has had multiple surgeries.  And when I pray for him even though I don’t know him at all, I feel the call of God on his life. And this morning the news is grim.  The surgeon believes he shouldn’t do any more...

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The Homesick Helper – Php 2:25-30

More than one missionary has come off the field with health issues, family issues or whatever only to be judged by their supporting churches.  Paul anticipated this issue and was so brilliant as a leader in how he handled the return of one of his own fellow workers. The believers in Philippi were extremely special to Paul.  Time and time again they supported Paul when other churches did not.  In essence he was his supporting church.  And when Paul was in prison, they gave Paul things he needed as well as they gave him one of their own–Epaphroditus. We...

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The Proving – Php 2:22

Anything that has value has proved itself.  A Navy Seal given elite responsibilities has to go through a proving ground of training.  A teacher in a middle school has to go through the proving ground of a college education and even harder in the classroom.  And a disciple too will also go through a proving time of trials. It’s not trials that are meant to destroy our faith, but trials meant to reveal our faith. Trials by their nature are not fun and are meant to see if we will stay or we will run.  Sometimes we don’t pass...

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Empowering Young Leaders – Php 2:19-24

Not everyone likes to work with the young kid.  Do you want a brain surgeon fresh out of school and that looks like they are 15 years old?  Do you want a dentist yanking on your teeth that looks younger than your own kids?  Do you want a marriage counselor who is late 20’s, has a Phd and has been married for 4 years only? Transitioning to receive from the next generation isn’t easy. Nor is it to release the next generation knowing that they maybe they can’t do things as good as you can. What I appreciate about...

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When Loving God and Loving One Another Changed – Literally & in Scripture – John 15:12

In the Great Commandment Jesus says to teach them “everything I have commanded you” (Mt 28:20).  But what did he command?  We can look at everything he taught, but if you look at the word “command” and Jesus, it’s pretty strong that he pretty much only commanded one thing – Love one Another. In his book Love Revolution Gaylor Enns, a man who was burnt out to non-functionality and was restored by this very truth, breaks down how the word is used by Jesus.  Basically there are two Greek words for command–the word “commanded” which is entollomai and the...

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