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We don’t like to wait because waiting is an act of being out of control.  The root of patience is trust in...

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4 Things that I’d Believe if I Received the Bible with No One Telling Me What to Believe

My study of Scripture has lead to some paradigm shifts.  Different than what I’ve been taught and told in my early Christian years.  It’s not that anyone was trying to teach differently, it’s that we come from faith heritages with our traditions that alter how we see things. There is one particular issue that I was wrestling with over years when I decided to ask myself the question:  If I were on a desert island with no outside interference, I had good exegetical skills in my back pocket and someone handed me a Bible, what would I believe?  It...

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The Poem and the Prayer

This year has been ROUGH.  I felt like I mounted a wild bull on Jan, 1 2016 and it’s been bucking like a mad cow ever since.  It’s actually been a rough several years.  For that reason that other day I was thinking to myself, ‘it would be so nice if 2017 was a good or even great year.’   There’s almost nothing (outside of a great vacation), that I would want to repeat of this past year.  But I got to thinking also, that the things I’ve gained and the fruit from hardship I would not want to lose....

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Shifted Eyes–Heb 12:2; 1 Pet 5:8

Last night I went to bed in not a good place.  For all practical purposes it looked the devil would win today and I was utterly helpless.  I prayed.  I rebuked the devil.  And I smashed my pillow in frustration. (It probably has died a thousand deaths.)  All I could see was that the devil was trying to deceive, kill and destroy.  All I could do was watch the “devil, prowling around like a lion seeking who he may devour,” (1 Pet 5:8).  My prayers seemed empty.This morning I woke up and those thoughts lingered.  Then all of a...

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