Paul’s First Missionary Journey was a labor of love, but things went sideways quickly. False teachers connected with these new believers and pitted them against Paul. They taught the believers of Galatia a works-based gospel centering around circumcision and not the grace of Christ.

In emergency mode Paul crafts the strongest letter we have ever seen from this Apostle. Using every mode possible to wake them up to the reality, Paul teaches, defends and exhort the gospel of Christ.

In this course you will gain an understanding of those issues and how Paul responded to them. Then we will dive into the teaching he presents and how it connects with the promises of Abraham that are met out in Christ. Lastly we will cover Paul’s exhortations and proclamations of life, liberty and the pursuit of Jesus.

Foundations to the Book of Galatians

A missionary journey was launched but not out of nowhere.  It was birthed and blessed in this most unique context that was to be the indicative flavor of the journey to come.

The Addition of Cousin Mark

Little did Paul and Barnabas know that a decision they would make early would affect them so deeply–blessing them, hurting them and challenging them to examine the core of the gospel.  And here is that decision:

The First Missionary Journey –
The Unexpected People and Path

A few divine encounters orchestrated by the Lord led them on a different path than the missionary trio expected.  And then, the unexpected came.  Something that was to become its own wound and journey that would affect future missionary endeavors.