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Letters Home:  Galatians

The Tumultous Story of Paul's First Missionary Journey and His Love for the Galatian Churches

How can you study a book of the Bible in a more interesting way than a commentary?  That was my question in approaching the letter to the Galatians.  My answer was to put it in story.

In this book Paul writes letters home to his childhood friend, Silas, sharing with him his love and challenges preaching the gospel to the Galatians.  It covers Paul's first missionary journey, the letter to the Galatians and even the little bit we know of his subsequent missionary journeys.

By the time you finish this book you will have

  • Increased your understanding of the book of Galatians in an engaging way
  • Have a story image in your mind of how Galatians connects to Paul's first missionary journey
  • Provoked on age-old issues that have contemporary applications

My hope is that when you are finished, it will cause you to hunger to know more, learn more, and greater appreciate this message of salvation.

And while you are at, please leave a review on Amazon.  Without reviews a book is nothing.  Currently I have none.  I would love someone to read and review this engaging story.  Buy and Review it Here.

If you are more wanting to grow in the Word but not a reader, I have also taught a course on Galatians and have it available here:  Udemy

Scripture Memorization
Coffee Devotional

Coffee, Croissant & a Christ Follower

A Collection of Devotional Insights to Challenge, Provoke and Ponder

This book is a collection of many of the devotionals you read here.  A lot of people don't want something online as much as they want something in their hand.

So instead of filtering through some of the most popular posts on this page, take time to order this simple devotional that I hope will cause you to hunger for more of Him.


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